Mykolaiv region: rescuers, policemen and journalists monitored reservoirs for the presence of visitors on unstable ice

30.01.2022 08:00

On January 28, rescuers, together with police officers and journalists from the "NIS-TV" TRC, visited traditional winter fishing spots on water bodies in Mykolaiv.

Taking into account the fact that there is now a thaw and there is a risk of falling under the ice, the raiders aimed to inform citizens that the warnings of emergency personnel should not be neglected. Coastal areas in the Namiv microdistrict, Yacht Club, Strelka beach, etc. came into view. On the unstable ice, with the help of a drone, the raiders saw two citizens who were in the middle of the river. We hear about the consequences of such actions from the mass media almost every week and across the country.

Here the question arises: Doesn't someone else's misfortune teach others something? Doesn't the experience of people caught in the "ice trap" lead to conclusions against such actions?

Probably NOT!

With everyone who passed by the coastline, specialists of the State Emergency Service and the police talked about the insidiousness of thin ice, talked about the main dangers that can lie in wait for citizens on water bodies in winter.

As a reminder, informational leaflets were left with the rules of conduct for everyone with whom they communicated, and through journalists they appealed to the general audience of the TV channel with an appeal to be vigilant and careful.

Dear fellow citizens, save your lives! Do not go out on the ice in a thaw - it is extremely dangerous!

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State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv region

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